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James has been on a journey of self - discovery that has led him to taking extreme ownership of his own health and wellness. He truly believes that to be the best leader and coach for others he must embody all of the lessons and teachings for it to resonate with his audience. He has built community from an outdoor boot-camp to a home garage gym setup then building enough trust to jump into a commercial space in the heart of Duncraig.

His passion in training have developed to prioritise strength and eliminating movement restrictions with mobility practices. This pared with fun activities that elevate the heart rate like boxing / yoga or anything competitive and you've got yourself a healthy mix of movement.


Has been in the fitness industry for 7+ years. Has mentored with coaches in:

-Strength and conditioning

-Gymnastics (Rings, Handstands, Mobility)

-Olympic lifting


-AFL at WAFL level

-Head coach of Sydney Roosters

-Breathwork & pre-hab

Believing in a good training program is capable of giving more to the body not taking it away. Gone are the days where flogging yourself mindlessly in the gym and chasing a sweat needing to be the mode of training to get a result. Actually educating those to slow down and gain the appropriate movement mechanics & relative body awareness to get strong. 🐺


My name is Lucas, I grew up playing a range of different sports, and I started studying Exercise Physiology at ECU in 2021. I am fascinated by the human body’s movement, growth, developments, adaptations, and resilience. Over the last 10+ years, I have focused on improving my physical and mental health, through effective and well-rounded fitness regimes, from pure cardio and lifting weights to mobility, flexibility and mindfulness. I am continually changing my training and learning new skills, so I enjoy the opportunity to bring people along with me on that journey and help them get excited for something new! I believe that exposure to different sports, industries and experiences is most beneficial to my learning and development as a coach. I am working hard to pursue my career in the fitness and health industry, and I demonstrate versatility while juggling several jobs and studying at university. 

Current work (weekdays and weekends):

  • Group class coach and personal trainer

  • Coach for two soccer teams, Subiaco U14s & U15s

  • Sports Trainer for an AFL team, Cottesloe Roosters Women A Grade

  • Tutor and mentor for Indigenous high school students, Warwick Senior High School 


  • Cert. III & IV in Fitness 

  • Cert. in Boxing Skills and Fitness 

  • Cert. Kettlebell Skills and Movement 

  • Senior First Aid & CPR 

  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Level 1 

  • Sports Trainer Level 1



Hello everybody, my name is Jaxon. From a very young age I grew up playing a variety of different sports. Cricket, soccer, football and fitness have been a part of my life from day one. My love for strength and conditioning, hypertrophy and teaching complete novice gym-goers about the learnings of safe and effective exercise is something I have been mastering over the last 4+ years. My first focus is to help people who work hard, strenuous jobs, mentally and physically change their body’s adaptation to improve their day-to-day life. My second focus is to improve the next generation of sporting athletes to be able to gain strength, size and confidence in their body. Every month I am learning new skills and improving my knowledge of how the human body is able to cope with certain practices, and how and why exercise is the main driver for health and well-being. I am a firm believer that there is something for everyone when it comes to the gym and watching people kick goals on a day-to-day basis is the reason I love coming to work everyday! 


-Mentored Outdoor Cricket Coaching 

-AFL Coaching and Ball skills Training

    ⁃    Group Class Coach and Personal Trainer

    ⁃    A grade indoor cricket player

    ⁃    2x Premiership player Whitfords Football Club

    ⁃    150+ Games Sorrento/Whitfords Cricket Club


Qualifications -

Cert 3 In fitness 

Cert 4 in fitness 

First aid and CPR 

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